Newport Model Railway Society

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Not all of our members can get to the club on a Friday, so our beloved Chairman suggested a new page on the website to keep everyone abreast of what's happening on the layouts - cheers Mr Chairman - if you'd like to join in the chaos there's a list of contacts on our Contacts page.

To see what we did in previous years look here: Late 2018Early 20182017, 2016, 2015 or 2014

Next Exhibition:  Abergavenny Blackbrook at Ross - on - Wye on August 17th &18th 2019

Saturday 18 May 2019

Friday 10 May 2019

Friday 3 May 2019

Another weekend, another exhibition. This time it was Pavilion End at the WWE Show at Thornbury. PE acquitted itself well too and had the major advantage, in LBH's eyes at least, that there was no bay into which he could divert the Birdcage set into.

Next week we have a week at home before Llanastr heads off to ExpoEM at Bracknell

Monday 29th April 2019

Last weekend we took Frecclesham to the Epsom and Ewell show. It all worked pretty well, as we'd hope, and all the team enjoyed themselves. We've put up pictures of Frecclesham before and here's another one to proove we were there. A couple of things to note in it;

there's a DEMU in the bay, Paul's Thumper unit getting an outing this time

and a strange ex LNER interloper between the trees, presumably covering for a failed Southern loco.

Friday 19th April 2019

After spending what seemed like hours under the baseboard TYS emerged and had managed to get the main platform starter working for his troubles.

Meanwhile Mr Chairman was in the the layout room laying yet another turnout on LMJ

Friday 12th April 2019

Good attendance on both Tuesday and Friday this week. YTS worked on the operating mechanism for the starter signal on ABB, Jonathan and Paul continued with ballasting on LMJ and LBH made a bit of progress on the Tredegar wagon, this is how far he got on Tuesday

Mr Chairman laid another turnout on LMJ. And, right, positioned the next two ready for planting. 

Friday 5th April 2019

With many club members involved on the preparation for NEWGOG Friday was a tad quiet at the club so all we have to show this week is this pic of a Tredegar six-plank coal wagon that LBH is making from a Slaters kit with Bill Bedford springing units. It will be fitted with S7 wheels.

Also the Chairman completed work on this starter signal for ABB. It was bought ready-built but the mechanism needed a little help. The operating wire pushing up from the bottom tended to bow outwards. So two retaining brackets were made, just like the real thing. Made from twisted fine wire, I tried to solder them to the post but it seems to be solid brass and a good heat sink, so resorted to araldite and superglue for a final fixing.

29th March 2019

This week Tuesday was very well attended with at least 8 members present, so full we ran out of workspace. Of course, no photos were taken then and as attendance on Friday dropped to three, there is little to report.

22nd March 2019

15th March 2019

8th March 2019

Having spent a frustrating day wresting with three-link couplings on Brades Siding at the Monmouth Show Andrew and Mr Chairman set to to equip the Andrew's stock with Dingham couplers. Here we see the fruits of their labours, assembled and chemically-blackened and ready for fitting.

And more work on the trackwork for LMJ: Martin assembled rail and Exactoscale bases, LBH installed the Masokits chairs and power-supply droppers across the baseboard joint a Paul W ballasted the BNS siding.

Gŵyl Dewi Sant / St David's Day 2019

Tuesday 26th February 2019

This is a bit of a cheat, the work carried out here was done by Mike E last week but evaded the lens of the club photographer's camera. Mike applied electrostatically-charged flock to the re-profiled embankment. Compare with 8th February and 25th January. 

Friday 22nd February 2019

The club photographer was a tad lazy and only offered up this shot, where we see Wagonman off piste working on an O Gauge ex-LMS 4F. Next weekend he, accompanied by Mr Chairman and LBH, is off to the Modellers' Weekend at Great Missenden and wanted to steal a march by getting the basics of the body together before the weekend starts.

Elsewhere Andrew was making up Dingham couplings after sending himself boss-eyed operating stock with three-link couplings on Brades Siding last weekend, Mike G assembled the baseboard for his test track and LBH laid a very short section of track on LMJ.

Sunday 17th February 2019

Saturday 16th February 2019

Saturday saw Paul W, Mr Chairman and LBH taking Brades Siding to Monmouth

Friday 15th February 2019

With Andrew's Brades Sidings due for exhibition in Monmouth on Sunday some last minute repairs and finishing touches were necessary .

Friday 8th February 2019

Largely scenery again this week, while Mr Chairman beavered away on a trap point unseen by the camera.

Saturday 2nd February 2019

With a certain rugby match taking place we cancelled our Friday evening meeting but ...

Saturday saw our first Test Track day of the year and a fine selection of stock belonging to both members and visitors made its appearance. 

We also took took the opportunity to erect a few of the LMJ boards for scenic and trackwork.

Friday 25th January 2019

The club photographer-in-residence took a sabbatical this week so this is all we have to show for a week's efforts at the club - a view of the station throat on ABB, showing some little recent scenic developments. 

Friday 18th January 2019

Friday 11th January 2019

All the pics this week reflect The Youth Section's work, an ex-LSWR Radial and the electrical supply for ABB's facia-mounted lighting. Not that the rest of us were inactive, just that TYS did some photogenic stuff

Friday 4th January 2019

Another year starts and the club's main thrust at the moment is on scenics.