Newport Model Railway Society

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Not all of our members can get to the club for every meeting so here we keep everyone, current as well as prospective members, abreast of what's happening at the club - if you'd like to join in the chaos there's a list of contacts on our Contacts page.

Currently the clubrooms are locked up due to the COVID19 pandemic, however we continue meet on-line and are also working on a series of individual cameo layouts to keep us amused during our incarceration - see the Coronalayout page.

To see what we did in previous periods look here: Early 2021Late 2020Early 2020Late 2019Early 2019Late 2018Early 20182017, 2016, 2015 or 2014

Next Exhibition: Pavilion End at Cheltenham, October  30th and 31st, 2021

Week-ending 30 July

Tuesday 27 July 

Two parts to the Zoom meeting this week, the first was a joint meeting with Newport Makerspace, being the second half of our 'return fixture'. This time we talked about the way we used 3d printing, photo-etching and modelled trackwork and buildings.

Back by ourselves several of us gave short presentations on which layouts had inspired us. Interestingly we approached the subject quite differently with one looking at exquisite modelling (East Dean), another the possibility of creating an impression in a small space (Clecklewyke), another a layout from a magazine that he bought in his early teens which swayed his outlook on modelling (Rosedale) and yet another the the magnum opus that is Ffestiniog Odyssey, convincingly portraying the entire mainline in one room,

Friday 30 July

Closer to normal with real modelling occurring in the clubroom! Yay!

Left we see Mr Chairman continuing with the work of laying the point rodding on ABB. See 6 March 2020 for the last bit of work here.

Right Andrew is building shock-wagon in O gauge

LBH got to work (it won't last) on a Peckett Class E 0-4-0ST in scaleseven from a Springside kit. MIraculously it turned easily without binding first time around. 

Week-ending 23 July

Tuesday 20 July 

Two parts to the Zoom meeting this week, the first was a joint meeting with Newport Makerspace, being the first half of our 'return fixture' (see w/e 2 July below). We talked or layouts Frecclesham and Abergavenny Blackbrook .

Friday 23 July

We decided it would be too hot in the clubrooms so we called the meeting off.

Week-ending 16 July

Tuesday 13th July

Stephen B continued with his talk on the Mawddwy Railway, this time looking at post-independence phase of the railway's existence. 

Friday 16th July

Another evening of preparing the clubrooms for our return for 'normal meetings' whenever that may be. Locations have been established for three work stations  - at 2 m spacings of course 

The chairs mark the places for the workstations.

We have plenty of salvaged wood to work with but no suitable flat surfaces. So if you have worktop, plywood, MDF of suitable thickness and 500mm by 800mm or more, then they could be used.

Week-ending 9 July

Tuesday 6th July

Our Zoom meeting on Tuesday was quite different from the usual  - Mike E gave a talk on Railway Control - starting with its origins on the Midland Railway to British Railways days

Friday 9th July

Another evening of preparing the clubrooms for our return for 'normal meetings' whenever that may be,

Week Ending 2 July 2021

Tuesday Talks continued with first a presentation by Newport Makerspace who described what they do, where they are based and what equipment and machines they have available. It was a very impressive list and there are common interests between the two groups. We had a friendly chat with them afterwards. There will soon be a return fixture, when we will tell them about us.

Second up was Steve B and a varied selection of photos for our amusement and comment. Entertaining as usual.

Friday 2nd

We continued on Friday with clearing space and re-organising the clubrooms. The last of the staging was dismantled. This has served us well for a long time, but the timbers will be re-used somewhere in the changes.

Below left you can see the space created, and on the right, the start of the stack of LMJ baseboards

However, we decided to re-stack the boards on their sides as this reduces the load on the bottom board and is easier as the integral legs make  the stacking difficult. The top board helps to tie the lower three together. 

Then we added a second stack next to it. The two boards on top are the lightest ones.

One of the boards came from the workroom so we now have space on the worksurface to fill back up with stuff.

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