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Here's an account of Frecclesham's first major show, May 2013

It actually worked!!

This year was the first outing of Frecclesham at a multi-day show, we'd taken it as a work in progress to the Monmouth show at which it had worked well. The same proved to be the case over the 3 days of Thornbury. Here are some photos taken by TYS Coach Man.

This was also the first time we have been to the Bristol show without Tony Bennett and Ray Widger, something I know a few of us were not looking forward to. We did have Tony's Grandson there on the Saturday and I know Tony would have been glowing with pride watching Jake drive locos on the layout (somewhat better than some 40 years his senior!!!).

First up is the surprise of the weekend - we didn't get the wooden spoon award for once!

Wagon Man, however, won the 7mm prize for Rolling Stock for his SR Horse Box. This and a BR type adorned the front of the layout.

A few pictures of us "playing trains"....

From the right ..  Paul "The Wood Butcher", Dave "The Chairman", Justin "Diesel Man" and Bernie "Foam Board Man" (far right is a spectator)

Mike "The Scary One" looking stern!

That scary moment when the Youth sections says, "I have a plan.." and Justin you stepped right into it.

And finally myself signalling with Alistair "Wagon Man" looking enthralled by it all.....

And just to prove Alistair really enjoys playing trains, here he is about 20 minutes into the show...

The Layout.

This is a typical scene that operations created....

And finally an..


....unusual view from above the layout..

Thankyou to all members who helped out at the show. It's not all hard work playing trains as you can see by the final picture...well, a man's got to relax after a hard days work...