Newport Model Railway Society

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2013 Open Day

Our second open day in 42 years, any more regular and it will become a habit! First a few thank you's to those who made this day what it was. To Dave Hagger, Rod Hall who initiated and put the majority of the work into organising this event, to those who brought and exhibited, whether a layout or models, thank you. Without everyone pulling together it would not have worked. We were missing some of our regular members but I'm sure they were looking down in approval, as Dave said at the start of the morning..."to absent friends".

By the end of the day the tea had got cold but the assembled club members thought it we ought to drink it up anyway.

Photo Tim Venton

Was the day a success, unreservedly YES. The visitors who came did not just hang around for a 20 minutes or so they stayed for hours. I don't think I have enjoyed myself at such an event for many years, I don't want to call this an exhibition because it wasn't, it was an open house day to come and try and chat and laugh. Did it matter how many came through the door - no, the important thing was enjoyment. Those that came certainly did that, they enjoyed themselves, frankly it does not get any better than that. No doubt there will be another one in years to come, hopefully it won't take us 42 years to repeat the same thing! 

I wish this was better photo because it captures what was important about our open day...someone looking after the Southern Comfort !