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Frecclesham RM 2014

Railway Modeller Sept 2014 Issue

Frecclesham featured in the Sept 2014 issue of Railway Modeller. The pictures are reproduced here courtesy of Railway Modeller.

© Railway Modeller 2014

The signal box is a modified Churchward Models Kit.

© Railway Modeller 2014

A Wainwright D arrives with a Birdcage Set while A.S.Harris shunts some Horse Boxes.

© Railway Modeller 2014

Rebuilt Battle of Britain "Croydon" and an H Class with ex LSWR Pull-Push wait to depart. Both are prototypical arrangements,
the Pull-Push being the common workhorse of this type of station. The BoB ran into smll stations such as this and one did in fact 
visit the location this is loosely based on, all be it in original air-smothed form.

© Railway Modeller 2014

Pull-Push trains were the norm for this type of station on the Southern in BR days, although this is particularly busy! An H Class 
waits to depart with the ex LSWR set while an M7 brings in an ex-Maunsell Pull-Push. A.S.Harris is still pottering around the yard.

© Railway Modeller 2014

An N Class mogul arrives with a short goods. A.S.Harris continues to get in shot!

© Railway Modeller 2014

The Station Building and Goods Shed with some gentle activity. Since the photograph was taken the siding in the foreground is
now protected by a set of buffers! Both building are by Rob Foot, the Station being a mock-up!

© Railway Modeller 2014

A view across the station yard, with the M7 & Maunsell Pull-Push Set waiting patiently. 

© Railway Modeller 2014

A C Class arrives with a short goods train.

© Railway Modeller 2014

As the C Class arrives the view towards the station shows  a D1 Class waiting to depart, A.S.Harris out of shot for once!

© Railway Modeller 2014

Schools Class "Brighton" departing. The Schools is the only type of loco (due to axle loading) we operate that would not make 
it into such a small station. 

© Railway Modeller 2014

The layout uses a raised area in front of the entrance, complete with trees and the above Barn to hide the entrance. The Barn is, as
per all the structures on the layout, modelled on a prototype.


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