Newport Model Railway Society

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What we've done so far in 2018

What are we up to?

Not all of our members can get to the club on a Friday, so our beloved Chairman suggested a new page on the website to keep everyone abreast of what's happening on the layouts - cheers Mr Chairman - if you'd like to join in the chaos there's a list of contacts on our Contacts page.

To see what we did in previous years look here: 20172016, 2015 or 2014

19th January 2018

Development of the scenics on ABB has started with the formation of the contours for the cutting that will form the scenic break. We have used expanded PVC foam on an 3mm MDF base, which will allow sections to be worked on away from the layout itself.

And then, after carving the foam the with a bread knife we get closer to the final contours.

With the front fascia in place framing the scenic work you get a good idea of what the finished effect will be.

Meanwhile following successful trials and emboldened by their success on Frecclesham we have decided to standardise on Dingham couplings for ABB so Chairman Dave has been busy fabricating and fitting them to stock. And Rob is coming to the end of the marathon of assembling all the fiddle yard cassettes.

12th January 2018

All the ballasting on Abergavenny Blackbrook is now finished, though still needs to receive its final colouring, Meanwhile, YTS has got most of the electomagnets working from the control system so we can get on with testing operation of both the stock and the coupling system. We'll test stock with both Alex Jackson and Dingham couplings before making a final decision.

So we are trialling Dingham autocouplers for Abergavenny Blackbrook. We use this type of coupling on our 7mm layout Frecclesham and are pleased with their performance. Like many uncoupling systems they can go out of adjustment and gauges are essential. Here are the initial assemblies in 4mm.

5th January 2018

YTS has progressed with the installation of the control system on ABB  for the coupling electro-magnets to a point where we were able start operational trials. The control system worked fine but unfortunately the magnets did not provide enough oomph to move the Alex Jackson couplings on LBH's wagons reliably. So further work is required and ABB's first outing in mid-February is fast approaching.

Post-script 9th January By modifying the Alex Jackson couplings slightly, adding some soft iron wire (with its superior magnetic properties) YTS demonstrated that the magnets would be powerful to operate them.